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Founded in San Francisco, CA


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We are dedicated to tangible relief when it comes to systemic racism and mental health resources. We believe that when you combine art, information and education with entertainment, technology and visibility there are no limitations to what can be achieved.

Mission Statement

Art in the Mission District in San Francisco

Importance of Art

Art transcends beyond any category imaginable which is why it’s the biggest connector of humans. Art can be articulated in various ways from music, fashion, food and design to poetry, theatre and film. Art is a vessel with limitless possibilities available for creators to convey whatever message it is they choose. As our founder says

“Art is the language of humanity.”

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Information is the foundation to answers and innovation. We believe that when people are equipped with information solutions will follow and innovation is inevitable. The more information the less ignorance and less ignorance can be directly linked to a better quality of life.


Education works best with the lessons being taught are transparently truthful. We believe that proper education is rooted in objective truth. We believe that education should invoke curiosity and thought. We believe that education is a connector of minds from all walks of life.


Entertainment is easily one of the most desirable pass times globally dating back centuries. We believe that entertainment can be productive and extremely effective when done correctly.


Technology is now and the future. We believe that utilizing technology for issues pertaining to humanity is the next frontier when it comes to accessibility and reach. We believe through proper utilization of technology relief will be a reality for those in need both near and far.


Insight Overviews

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Article from Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

The Philanthropic Ventures Foundation fosters innovative giving by partnering with donors to support grassroots initiatives and community-driven projects.

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Philanthropic Ventures Foundation

Visibility is what separates the known from the unknown. We believe that what we’re doing is for the world and the world should see it

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Article from SF Standard

The San Francisco Standard offers diverse insights on city life, culture, and events, delivering news with a local perspective.

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The San Francisco Standard

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Partners and Collaborators

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The Isiain Foundation was founded in 2020 in San Francisco, California in response to racial and social injustices. Our Founder “Gunna Goes Global,” affectionately known as Gunna is a San Francisco native and proud Baydestrian. Our team consists of solution-based creatives with their feet on the ground.

About Us

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